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CIVIL SP is a newly created legal firm whose members possess ample and diverse experience in the legal world.

Venancio Parra Torres

Venancio Parra Torres


Collegiate since 1994. Doctor of Law, Maximum qualification in Spain. English language. Corresponding Academician of the RAJYL. Practicing since 1994.

Cristina Sánchez Caselles

Cristina Sánchez Caselles


She has been working in the legal sector for more than 15 years and has a great deal of experience behind her, being highly valued by clients. As she keeps clients informed of the progress of their purchase, she will be in contact with her.

Cristina Mercado Martínez

Cristina Mercado Martinez


is in charge of customer service and handling tax matters for residents, has also been working in the legal sector since 2008. of Belgian descent, so she has lived in Belgium for many years and knows the needs of the clients very well. She is usually in charge of after-sales work.

Remedios Ginette Pérez

Remedios Ginette Pérez


Of French origin, is the latest to join the legal sector, although she previously worked in the banking sector, so she is very used to dealing with banking matters. For years she has been in direct contact with many French-speaking citizens who move to Spain, so she is well acquainted with their concerns and needs. She usually accompanies our clients to the notary’s office and is in charge of obtaining NIEs and residencies.

Eva María Dolz Bernabé

Eva Mª Dolz Bernabé


Is in charge of accounting matters and tax payments. She has been part of the team since the beginning, although she has previously worked for other companies, so she also has extensive experience, both nationally and internationally.

And we can guarantee you that we will always offer you personal and personalized customer care at a reasonable price.


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